Melon soup with ham

melon soup

This melon soup with ham is refreshing, light and one of the simplest recipes we have presented to date.

  • 1/4 melon
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and ground pepper
  • 1 ounce parma ham
  1. Clean the melon, removing the skin and seeds. Cut into small pieces.
  2. Pass the melon through the mixer until obtaining an homogenous soup. You can strain the soup to avoid any thread or fiber of the melon.
  3. Cut the parma ham into small strips and put them to dehydrate into the oven at about 300 Fº, until they are hard.
  4. Be careful not to burn the ham, is very thin and will take little time to dry.
  5. Put the soup on the plate where we are going to serve it, pour dash of olive oil and season with salt and ground pepper.
  6. Remove the ham strips from the oven, place them on top of the soup just before serving and ready to enjoy!


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