Stuffed eggplant with chicken and veggies

stuffed eggplant with chicken

Today we present another healthy and easy recipe. This stuffed eggplant is the perfect dish as a light dinner if you are on a diet. Is made with fresh vegetables and chicken breast, a low fat meat ideal if you want to control your weight. Ingredients 1/4 chicken breast 1 […]

Cold pea soup recipe

cold pea soup recipe

During the summer time, we usually fancy cold soups. Although peas are typical of spring, you can easily find them  during the summer months. This cold pea soup recipe is tasty, healthy, nutritious and easy ! Ingredients 10 ounce green peas 1/2 onion 1/2 potato 4 mint leaves 1 pint […]

Baked sole with lemon

baked sole with lemon

Today we share again a simple and practical recipe. Perfect if you are on a diet. Light and tasty, this sole recipe is a winner with any flat fish. This baked sole with lemon is ideal as a light dinner. Ingredients 1 sole fillet 2 lemons 1 clove garlic Olive […]

Octopus salad

octopus salad

This recipe is the perfect solution for those days when you do not feel like cooking. If you buy cooked octopus, you will have it ready in a few minutes. This octopus salad stands out for its high content of minerals. Perfect dish as a healthy dinner. Fresh, light and […]

Mushroom Carpaccio recipe

Mushroom carpaccio

Another fresh dish, ideal for the summer time. This Mushroom Carpaccio is a great appetizer that tastes and looks fabulous. It’s an easy recipe to prepare and a great starter. Ingredients 6 large mushrooms 4 ounce mixed salad 1 lemon 1 garlic clove Olive oil 1 teaspoon mustard Salt and […]

Cold tomato soup recipe

cold tomato soup recipe

When summer arrives and the temperatures rise, you need to find the best solution to cool off, also when it comes to food. You don’t fancy hot dishes that require great elaboration when summer arrives. For those hot days, check out this cold tomato soup recipe! Ingredients 3,5 ounce tomatoes […]

Sauteed artichoke with ham

artichoke with ham

There are many dishes that combine health and pleasure. These sauteed artichokes with ham are a good example! Artichokes have many beneficial properties for our body: They regulate bile secretion, they are diuretic and improve liver function. Once again, a simple, quick and cheap recipe. Ingredients 8 ounces artichokes 1/4 […]

Avocado and prawn tartare

Avocado and prawn tartare

This avocado and prawn tartare is another of those fresh recipes ideal for summer season. Despite its bad reputation, avocado is highly recommended even for people who want to lose weight. Its satiating effect and its high content of Omega 3 fats, make it a great complement for all those […]

Sauteed squid with onion and garlic recipe

sauteed squid

An easy, exquisite and ideal recipe even if you are following a weight-loss plan. Despite its simplicity, this sauteed squid will surprise you with its flavor. Cleaning the squid is the most time-consuming process of this recipe. If you want to save up this step, you can buy cleaned squid […]

Spiced baked chicken

Spiced baked chicken

Spiced baked chicken is one of the easiest and most simple recipes we have presented so far. White meats are undoubtedly a suitable choice if you are on a diet. Their low calories and saturated fat content, make this meat a great choice if you want to lose weight. Ingredients […]