Stuffed eggs

stuffed eggs

Stuffed eggs are one of the most popular and typical dishes of Spanish cuisine. There are many recipes to prepare them, but today we are going to elaborate stuffed eggs in a very healthy way. We will enjoy something tasty and healthy at the same time! Ingredients 4 eggs 1 […]


Today we will make a cold sauce, as a substitute for the known ketchup or mayonnaise. Guacamole not only serves to accompany tacos, we can also use it to complement any meat, among other food. Guacamole is highly beneficial for cardiovascular health. Avocado helps to decrease “bad cholesterol” levels, triglycerides […]

Turkey with veggies

Turkey with veggies is a great dish which has many benefits: it is a very good source of protein, easy to digest and low fat. In addition, it is a simple recipe that you can prepare in a few minutes. Ingredients 1 turkey breast 2 tomatoes 1/2  onion 1 zucchini […]

Zucchini and leek soup

zucchini and leek soup

Soups are a great way to get more vegetables in your diet. This zucchini and leek soup recipe is a good alternative if you are tired of eating steamed or boiled veggies! Ingredients 2 zucchini 2 leeks 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese (grated) Olive oil Ground pepper Salt Directions Clean the […]

Tomato and cod fish salad

Tomato and cod fish salad

This tomato and cod fish salad is known as “Esqueixada”, one of the typical starters in Catalonia (Spain), especially in summer time. It is a fresh dish and very simple recipe. It is also very healthy. Cod is a  low fat whitefish with high volume of protein. Ingredients 1 Lb […]

Pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup

We love homemade vegetable soups! You can eat them throughout the year and they are always simple, fast and super healthy. Pumpkin has great antioxidant properties and its caloric intake is very low. In addition, it gives a touch of sweetness that makes the soup delicious and very balanced. With […]