How can I apply my discount code or redeem my promotion code?

If you have a discount code we explain you  how to redeem it for your full plan or weekly diet. The first thing you have to do is access your user panel and click the “Get new diet” button. Once on the payment page, just below the button “Buy Now” you will find the link “Apply discount coupon”. This link opens a window to enter and validate your coupon code. Once validated, you will see that the discount has already been applied.

Discount Coupons purchased from other pages

If you paid your plan in another website, you do not have to pay anything more. You only need to apply the coupon you bought without paying any money.When the coupon is applied you will see that the total amount is set to 0 €,  and the button will change from “Buy Now” to “continue”.On the next step, you will see your new personalized diet.

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