Stuffed squid with prawns and monkfish

stuffed squid

Stuffed squid recipe is easy to prepare, with an incredible result. It is a dish that we can elaborate with infinity of ingredients: egg, meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fish… In this case, we will prepare the squid lightly, combining elements of sea and earth: stuffed with prawns, monkfish and vegetables. Ingredients […]

Eggplant rolls with tomato and fresh cheese

eggplant rolls

Today we present you another creative dish. We recommend you cooking your regular vegetables in a different way,  to make them more interesting. Eggplant rolls are not a difficult recipe to prepare. However, we will need a sharp knife or a mandolin to cut the eggplant into thin slices and […]

Chicken salad with avocado

chicken salad

This chicken salad is an ideal dish for summer days. The texture of the avocado blends perfectly with chicken’s softness and vinaigrette’s freshness. In a few minutes you will have an ideal, healthy and light salad. Ingredients 1 chicken breast Mix of green leaves (lettuce, endive, buds, rocket, canon or […]

Orange chicken

orange chicken

Orange chicken is an easy recipe with a spectacular result. Chicken needs an hour of cooking. However, its elaboration is very simple. You do not have to complicate yourself to eat healthy. It is a dish that will surprise you with its simplicity and delicious result. In addition, chicken is […]

Stuffed tomatoes

stuffed tomatoes

There are many ways to prepare stuffed tomatoes. We present a simple recipe and low in calories. Another tasty and different way of eating vegetables. It is a perfect dish to prepare at parties or special events, when we do not want to skip the diet. We can take it […]

Watermelon soup

watermelon soup

Soup is more than just a great meal to winter season. With this recipe, we demonstrate that even in summer we can enjoy these kind of dishes. Watermelon soup is refreshing and ideal as a light dinner. We should consider that we may prepare it in advance to let it […]

Seafood salad

seafood salad

We keep on sharing recipes and new ideas! This seafood salad is a classic dish from the areas close to the Mediterranean. Once again, we present a low calorie dish, fresh and perfect for the summer. You can prepared it in advance and leave it on the fridge for beach […]

Zucchini carpaccio

zucchini carpaccio

Zucchini carpaccio is an easy, fast and very light recipe. This salad is a great lunch or side dish for the summer. Its a no-cook recipe, which means you don’t need to turn on those hot ovens! This is a great option to avoid repeating the same salad every day […]

Salmon tartare

salmon tartare

Today we have a simple recipe.  Salmon tartare is tasty, creamy and healthy. Ideal for dinner if you are dieting! Although it needs some rest time, it will not take you more than 15 minutes to prepare the dish. It is important to keep in mind that the dish is prepared […]

Hake stuffed with vegetables

hake stuffed recipe

Hake stuffed with vegetables contains a very low percentage of fat, is easy to cook and very light. It is a steamed dish, a technique that preserves better the nutrients and flavors of foods. Also, it is a good solution if we have a celebration or special event at home […]